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More leading restaurants turn to Redcat Polygon

Since its release in September 2015, more and more of Australia’s leading restaurants have either upgraded to, or switched to Redcat Polygon.

One of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants, Maha has recently upgraded to Redcat Polygon. According to award winning chef and owner of Maha, Shane Delia “Redcat Polygon is vital to what we do here at Maha. We rely on all the numbers. We need to know what is happening with our business at any particular time so we can continue to perform at an optimum level. If we don’t know what is happening on the floor with our customers and at the backend we simply won’t be sustainable and won’t be able to compete.”

“What Redcat Polygon does to enhance the customer experience is that it gives us really quick reaction times to make sure we get food out as quickly as possible. From the moment someone orders their food it gets put into the system and immediately prints out in the kitchen and that then flows back into our accounting system. It’s a very seamless transition.” he said

Redcat Polygon is a major upgrade providing users with all the benefits of a cloud solution, including reduced costs of IT infrastructure with no local servers, WAN’s or VPN’s and complete scalability to manage fluctuating requirements. In addition, users will benefit from increased flexibility of work practices and collaboration, enhanced security and backup processes.

In terms of functionality, Polygon has genuine real time management and reporting capabilities. In fact, it’s one of the very few POS products in the world that can deliver a real time profit and loss without integration to a third party application.

Redcat Polygon also includes impressive real time inventory control features that will reduce wastage and maintain optimum stock levels as well as real time labour and staff management tools to keep clients /users across all the important metrics of their business.

Redcat Polygon POS features improved security with different access levels and more flexible controls and an improved user experience and making it more intuitive and easier to find information. This also makes it far easier for new staff to learn the system. Improved functionality has also provided far more flexibility in reporting and enhanced data exports and communications.

Redcat Polygon will also dramatically simplify complex data integrations and provide a unified experience for managing API-led connectivity.

All of the key features that have made SmartSuite so popular are still there, however they have been enhanced to make it easier for users to access information. This includes SmartLoyalty and mobile apps that have become an integral part of any hospitality business today.

For further information on how Redcat Polygon can improve your efficiency, financial control and profitability call Redcat on 1300 473 322 or visit