Polygon Modules

Polygon POS is a reliable and easy to use point of sale software system which contains all the functionality required to provide fast, efficient and accurate service operation at the front-of-house and full management control at the back-of-house.

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Polygon Payroll is a complete and all encompassing employee administration and payroll system. This module gives you a complete end-to-end payroll solution.

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Polygon Loyalty is a web-based customer loyalty solution that provides real-time data to facilitate powerful reporting and analysis. Issue your customers with loyalty cards that they can use at any POS terminal to accumulate points or redeem points for goods.

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Polygon Inventory is an effective stock control management tool designed to ensure that wastage is minimised and stockouts are avoided to ultimately create significant cost savings.

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Polygon Accounting is Redcat’s comprehensive accounting and financial management module. It removes the need for any double entry, as it is fully integrated with Polygon POS.

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Polygon Reporting is a powerful web-based reporting system that gives you access to real-time sales data, no matter where you are located. Single site data can be viewed by an individual operator or multi-site data can be consolidated to be viewed by headquarters.

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