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The last thing you need to add to a busy day running your hospitality business is having to manually enter financial, inventory and revenue data. Not only is it time consuming, but open to human error, which perpetuates throughout the system and can be very hard to detect and correct. 

Polygon’s Accounting system is fully integrated with your finance, inventory, income and POS systems and removes all the hassle of additional data entry and the risks inherent in double handling. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing there is a ‘single version of the truth’ shared between all systems, and it frees up your time to concentrate on customers and on business strategy - the things that are going to help your business grow. A good accounting system will not only be integrated to avoid double handling, but will also provide you with meaningful at-a-glance business reports and dashboards to give visibility of your entire business to support your decision making 

Polygon Accounting is Redcat’s fully integrated accounting platform where your finances, inventory, income and POS data is all in the one place. It includes a comprehensive suite of over 40 financial reports, along with the ability to manage general ledger, multiple departments, locations or cost centres, debtors and creditors, bank accounts and security. 

General Ledger

  • Full double entry accounting system 
  • Customisable General Ledger – with ordering and grouping to design your reports to suit your business
  • Six account categories - revenue, expenses, costs, assets, liabilities and equity 
  • System generated predefined accounts 
  • Other user defined accounts 
  • Any number of account groups within each of the categories 
  • Any number of accounts within each account group 
  • Profit & Loss reporting 
  • Cost of Goods Sold analysis 


  • Supports more than one department or cost centre at each location, so you can manage and report by department on:
    • Financial transactions 
    • Revenue 
    • Costs 
    • Expenses 
    • Inventory 
  • Profit & Loss reports can be consolidated or produced for individual departments


  • Supports more than one location
  • A range of options for organisational structure  
  • Locations can be company owned or franchised
  • Data transferred between locations and head office follow the business rules of the organisational structure
  • Reports may be consolidated, or generated by location/ group of locations

Time Sheets

  • Quick system setup and maintenance of cheque, savings, credit card and loan accounts 
  • Easy creation of transaction templates
  • Customisable amortisation for accurate reporting of periodical payments 
  • Easy transfer of funds between accounts 
  • Cheque register with a convenient ‘cheque finder’ facility 
  • Full bank reconciliation

Debtors and Creditors

  • Complete control over debtors and creditors 
  • Database of names, addresses, contact details, credit terms, BPAY numbers and additional notes for clients and suppliers 
  • Invoice, credit note, deposit, payment and receipt processing 
  • Batching option available for client and supplier payments 
  • Immediate generation of client and supplier invoices from quotations and purchase orders 
  • Electronic payment of suppliers and staff where preferable 
  • Automatic purchase order generation in conjunction with Polygon Inventory 
  • Reporting of full transaction and forecast payments and receipts to assist with cash flow management

Comprehensive Financial Reporting

  • Over 40 standard reports including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, Cost of Sales, Cash Flow Analysis and Debtor and Creditor Statements 
  • Full GST (Australia and New Zealand) and VAT (UK) compliance, reporting and calculations 
  • Ability to customise the currency symbol, tax rate and label for internationalisation 
  • All reports can be exported to a spreadsheet or CSV file, saved to PDF or emailed


  • Access to system functionality and data is tightly controlled. Options include: 
    • Role based security restricting access to only individual reports and features specified by the administrator 
    • Access to accounting functionality excluding stock control, payroll and POS 
    • Access to payroll functionality 
    • Access to stock control functionality 
    • Access to POS functionality, recipe and function files 
  • Generate reports 
  • Manage users 
  • Close periods so that no further transactions can be entered or modified 
A system events audit process tracks the name of each user handling a transaction and logs actions such as ledger reference deletions and modifications to records.


  • Polygon POS - reliable and easy to use point of sale system 
  • Polygon Payroll - streamlined payroll module that uses the standard clock on/off function at the POS terminal that logs staff shifts and transmits this data automatically to Payroll 
  • Polygon Inventory - comprehensive stock control module 
  • Polygon Payments - integrated EFTPOS module 
  • Polygon Loyalty –integrated Loyalty solution with optional mobile App integration 
  • Selected Membership and Management Systems
Request a consultation, or ring us on 1300 4 REDCAT, to explore how Redcat Polygon can help your business.


Polygon Payroll helps you manage all employee administration and payroll tasks, including employee details; payroll processing; integration with POS time clock; timesheets; multi-department working; pay rates; payments and pay-slips; rates; allowances, deductions and tax; annual leave...


The last thing you need to add to a busy day running your hospitality business is having to manually enter financial, inventory and revenue data. Not only is it time consuming, but open to human error, which perpetuates throughout the system and can be very hard to detect and correct...


You can’t manage what you can’t see – that is the principle at the heart of good inventory management. Many hospitality venues have loss and wastage that they are not even aware of, because they have limited visibility of their inventory, their ordering and their recipe management...
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