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Diners looking for a quality, casual seafood experience in Sydney can’t get better than Garfish.

This restaurant group, owned and run by Mark Scanlan and Mark Dickey brings the freshest fish and seafood to a relaxed mid-market setting, a concept that was missing from the Sydney dining scene. “There were fine dining seafood options and plenty of fish and chip shops” said Scanlan “but really not much at all in the mid-market.”

The popularity of this approach was such that Garfish quickly grew to three venues – Kirribilli, Crows Nest and Manly – all of which pride themselves on the quality and variety of their produce and the unique dining experience given to customers. “The menu concept is founded on bringing in fresh fish daily.” Scanlan explains, “Each morning we go to the markets ourselves and buy direct from the auction floor. We process that fish in our central filleting kitchen and then distribute the day’s product to the three outlets.” By taking a hands-on approach in the procurement process, the Garfish team have greater control over what hits the table. “We sight the fish at the auction floor, we know its provenance and we know it’s fresh. But more importantly, we can buy particular species of fish that wholesalers don’t always stock. We offer something quite different – more than the standard Barramundi, Snapper, Tuna selection. Come to Garfish and you’ll have options like Leatherjacket, Stargazer and Tarakihi.”
Request a free demo, or ring us on 1300 4 REDCAT, to explore how Redcat Polygon can help your business.
The attraction of Redcat is that it is a whole package, industry specific and designed for restaurants.
The restaurants offer a base menu of favourites such as fish and chips and snapper pie, alongside “Have your fish the way you wish”, where customers choose the fish, the cooking style and the accompaniment.
When it came to choosing an IT system Garfish Group went straight to Redcat, based on their long and successful history, having implemented the system in their former restaurant venture Millson’s back in 1995. “The attraction of Redcat is that it is a whole package, industry specific and designed for restaurants”, says Mark. Today Garfish Group uses the extended restaurant Redcat suite and Mark says he’s seen benefits in maintaining his relationship with the Redcat team. “We’ve come a long way since the early days of dialup technology. Now it’s connected via the cloud and I can access up to date data via any web browser, which is really helpful for moving between the venues and my office.” Mark values the service from Redcat’s Sydney office; “If I have a question or need some assistance I get a really prompt response when I call the support number. Our maintenance agreement that gives us the peace of mind of knowing that support is there even outside of ‘normal’ working hours. Overall, I’d say our investment in Redcat has certainly paid off”.

Redcat offers a great product and service to a discerning, specialised market – just like Garfish. 
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