Information is vital to run a successful hospitality business

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Information is vital to run a successful hospitality business

To run a successful hospitality business it is vital to have access to accurate, up to the minute management information to make business critical decisions. 

You need to know how to analyse your business to make sure it runs profitably. Many restaurants don’t pay attention to the following items as they manage the day-to-day operation of their restaurant:
  • How many customers are you serving each day?
  • Are you keeping track of ordered menu items? Is no one ordering the fish fillet? Maybe it’s time to take it off the menu?
  • What are your most profitable menu items?
  • What does it cost to make each menu item? What’s the profit margin?
  • Do you have a budget for labour? Are you sticking to it?
  • How much do you spend on labour compared to your restaurant sales?
  • How much loss is involved in your inventory?
  • Do you have sales goals? Are you meeting them?
  • What is your profit and loss for each week or each day that you are open?
Redcat Polygon has genuine real time management and reporting capabilities putting all of the above information right at your fingertips. In fact, it’s one of the very few POS products in the world that can deliver a real time profit and loss without integration to a third party application. In addition, it has just introduced easy to read Dashboard Reporting to bring together vital metrics on a single screen.

Another key area is inventory management. Waste, spoilage, and overstocking are ‘hidden’ costs that can seriously reduce your profitability. Proper inventory management will help you uncover and reduce food waste costs and maximise the dollars you spend on product.

Redcat Polygon also includes impressive real time inventory control features that will reduce wastage and maintain optimum stock levels as well as real time labour and staff management tools to keep clients/users across all the important metrics of their business.

Some of the features and benefits of Redcat Polygon Inventory include:
  • Fully perpetual stock control
  • Track stock movements and review stock levels at any given time
  • Generate purchase orders when stock levels reach certain re-order points
  • Easy to use stocktake facility that is compatible with PDE Devices
  • Can operate in multi-department mode for stock control across a number of cost centres
  • Create recipes
  • Develop costing for functions
Having worked closely with the industry for over 20 years, Redcat understands the issues restaurant owners and managers face and how difficult it is to run a viable business. Redcat Polygon has been developed to help address these issues and make restaurants more efficient and more profitable. Redcat Polygon is the very latest hospitality technology that is loaded with functionality for both large and small hospitality businesses.

Redcat Polygon provides a complete solution for hospitality businesses including POS, payroll, loyalty, inventory, accounting and comprehensive reporting. It’s no coincidence that the really profitable restaurants and cafes have one common ingredient … a Redcat Polygon Point of Sale and Management System.
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