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Paperless Kitchen – Kitchen Management System

Without exception, the kitchen can make or break any restaurant or café. Not only will the quality of food bring customers back, it is also the prompt delivery of orders that adds to the customer experience. Hospitality is highly competitive, often running on very slim margins, making it vital that kitchen processes are highly efficient, inventory is tightly controlled, and staff costs minimised.

Creating customer loyalty and repeat visits means serving great food and providing great service. Wait staff and kitchen staff are crucial to creating a positive customer experience. The right kitchen management system will keep your front of house and kitchen organised and running smoothly, with the entire process streamlined. 

Polygon paperless kitchen helps increase order accuracy and drive efficiency by sending orders directly from the POS ordering terminal to the kitchen. Wait staff can move straight from one order to the next and kitchen staff have immediate access to the order information. 

Paperless kitchen speeds up multi-stage production, passing orders from one station to the next and, if you have more than one station completing the same process, it’s even smart enough to automatically balance the load of orders between stations. You can eliminate reliance on slips of paper, ensuring that the correct people see the correct order at the correct time, without mistakes. It enables timely delivery of orders, enhancing customer experience and allowing you to turnaround tables more promptly.  

Kitchens can be a chaotic place with orders being shouted and instructions barked. Polygon’s KMS helps to create a calmer, less stressful environment. With more efficient kitchen processes you ensure that staff are always fully occupied and that you only pay for staff that are necessary to maintain your high service standards. 
  • Control back in the kitchen
  • Workflows can be set and changed on the fly
  • Filtering by sales type
  • Load balancing
  • Sales type colour headers
  • Parking orders to be recalled later
  • Network feedback (if config or system errors)
  • Pause monitors for low staff/sales periods
  • Sound alerts
  • Cross off items
  • Serve off items
  • Move items to another KD
  • Push orders to a printer
  • Better analytics and reports
  • Status box for feedback on the current workload and effort
  • Can zoom orders
  • Can consolidate the list (by Role – so does not apply to all)
  • Can show ‘Production Only’ ingredients for cooking 
  • Never lose a docket again
  • Report on timing – as dishes are served off as they are made you can see the average prep time
  • Load balancing – intelligence in pushing the order to the person that can prepare it in the fastest time
  • Only see what you need to - ability to display only the items needed on a section-by-section basis 
  • Bump to the next station – once the grill has cooked the meat, bump it to the dress station
  • Easily distinguish different order types – Dine in, take away and even online orders can all be colour coded
  • Reporting
    • Prep and wait times
    • Longest prep items
    • Problem item combos
    • Impact of new menu items
    • How kitchen copes in peak hours
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Paperless Kitchen

Without exception, the kitchen can make or break any restaurant or café. Not only will the quality of food bring customers back...

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