Polygon Financial Cloud 


Polygon Payroll helps you manage all employee administration and payroll tasks including:
  • Employee details
  • Payroll processing
  • Integration with POS time clock
  • Timesheets
  • Multi-department working
  • Pay rates
  • Payments and pay-slips
  • Rates
  • Allowances, deductions and tax
  • Annual leave and sick leave entitlements. 
All payroll information is fully integrated into financial reporting. 
  • Enables quick and easy payroll processing 
  • Encompasses time sheets, pay rates, pay slips, allowances and deductions 
  • Calculates superannuation, taxation, annual leave and sick leave liabilities.

Employee Details 

Polygon Payroll maintains a complete record of all employee details such as: 
  • General information 
  • Payroll details 
  • Fixed allowances & deductions 
  • Employee notes for performance tracking, HR profiling and multiple bank accounts 
  • Email employee payment summaries at the click of a button 

Rates & Allowances / Deductions

  • Rates Schedule File - contains the pay rates for the various categories of employees 
  • Employee Allowances & Deductions File - allows entry, change and deletion of standard allowances which may be paid to employees and standard deductions which are taken from their wages 
  • Allowances can be fixed weekly allowances/ deductions like child support or travel allowance, or once-off like a bonus payment
  • Superannuation Funds File - contains the names of the various superannuation funds to which contributions are made on behalf of employees
  • Public Holidays File - allows entry, change and deletion of public holidays so that the correct wage is calculated for hours worked on those days. Maintains dates associated with individual stores so paying the right staff the right amount on the right day happens automatically - like Melbourne Cup Day
  • Sites can have multiple rates at different times on different days, and be “AHA friendly” or “maintain allowances/penalties associated with the AHA awards” 

Hours Worked

  • Hours worked can be recorded from any terminal once an employee has logged on using the Bundy Clock feature 
  • When an employee signs off, their hours are available for automated upload to their Polygon Payroll time sheet

Time Sheets

  • Time sheets can be updated or modified manually where required 
  • The system is designed to handle employees who work hours: 
    • For different levels of remuneration (as determined by changing roles)  
    • Allocated to more than one department 


  • The wages payment system can be aligned with an award but allows adjustment to meet specific requirements 
  • Wages are calculated and paid based on: 
    • Weekly time sheets and/or
    • Set salaries 


  • Cash, cheque or direct debit payment  
  • Comprehensive payslip can be emailed to employees 
  • Direct debit payments from selected bank accounts and system generated file for online upload for internet banking  
  • Direct debit payments can be split across more than one employee account 


  • Tax scales are based on the Australian Taxation Office Statement of Formulae for Calculating Income Tax 
  • Easily create and email payment summaries for ATO reporting 
  • Tax scales current at the time of software production and updated whenever changes are notified 
  • Tax calculated automatically and necessary entries made in the employee record and general ledger 
  • Payment summaries and ATO reporting media  


  • Employer superannuation contributions calculated automatically, and necessary entries made in employee record and general ledger 
  • Facilities to record, process and pay all employee superannuation contributions 
  • Super contributions including reportable employer contributions, salary sacrifices, and voluntary contributions can be uploaded to a Super Clearing House 

Annual & Sick Leave

  • Annual and sick leave calculated automatically in accordance with the award 
  • Annual and sick leave due accrued automatically each week 
  • When leave accrues or is taken, employee record and general ledger updated automatically 

Multi-Department Operational

  • Employees, although assigned to a default or home department, may work across multiple departments 
  • Annual leave entitlements allocated to each department using the ratio of hours against their value 
  • Sick leave entitlements allocated to and used from the employee’s home department 
  • All payroll transactions will immediately affect the P&L and financial reports in real-time
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Polygon Payroll helps you manage all employee administration and payroll tasks, including employee details; payroll processing; integration with POS time clock; timesheets; multi-department working; pay rates; payments and pay-slips; rates; allowances, deductions and tax; annual leave...


The last thing you need to add to a busy day running your hospitality business is having to manually enter financial, inventory and revenue data. Not only is it time consuming, but open to human error, which perpetuates throughout the system and can be very hard to detect and correct...


You can’t manage what you can’t see – that is the principle at the heart of good inventory management. Many hospitality venues have loss and wastage that they are not even aware of, because they have limited visibility of their inventory, their ordering and their recipe management...
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