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POS Reporting Dashboard

Managing a hospitality venue means managing a range of varied operations - Suppliers, Inventory, Staff, Customers, Kitchen. It would be impossible to do well without having accurate, accessible, real-time information to hand to give you instant visibility of all areas of your business to support decision-making. 

There is a mountain of information generated by a hospitality business, so Business Intelligence (BI) tools are used to single out the exceptions and trends that create actionable information. A Dashboard summarises important information for an at-a-glance health check, and allows ‘drill down’ to more detail when there are exceptions and trends that need to be investigated further. 

A Dashboard must be easy to use, meaning it is graphic - humans interact best with colourful, meaningful information – concise and intuitive. It must highlight two key things: trends and exceptions. Trends includes takings for the day (live) and the number of patrons. Exceptions might include no-sales, deleted entries, and coupons redeemed. A Dashboard should also be customisable, able to be moulded to fit each business’ individual requirements. It should ideally be built into your POS management system and pull together information about everything from Front of House to Back of House, Loyalty, Labour, and Inventory.  

Polygon’s Dashboard Cloud Reporting provides you with critical information right at your fingertips in real-time. It offers an easy to read single screen analysis of all the information you need to run your business. It allows you to build tailored reports to suit your business, and access them from a PC, tablet or smartphone for information on the go. You can provide online reports to your staff without them having to access the back of house system and multi-site operations can build individual reports for each venue, with a consolidated view for head office.  
  • Average transactions
  • Average spend per person 
  • Exceptions 
    • Opening of cash drawers
    • Discounts  
  • Real time stock
    • Gross profit for each stock item
  • Real time payroll  
  • See only what you want
  • Your version of the truth
  • See the exception
  • Action quickly
  • Customisable - users and information
  • Each decision level dashboard customised to present the most valuable and useful information
  • Each user sees the level of detail that they need
  • All-in-One - overall view of the business on a single screen
  • Drill into Detail – allow you to deep-dive into your business 
  • Intuitive Data Presentation –no need for complicated and exhaustive training 
  • Mobile Device Accessible – automatically adjusts to suit any mobile device 
  • Real-time information for anyone, anywhere
  • Visualise and analyse data against KPI’s 
  • Facilitate more accurate decision making
  • Compare today’s sales against yesterday’s or last week’s
  • Compare sales each hour for more accurate rostering
  • Find out which products are selling, and which are not
  • Monitor stock levels
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POS Management

Polygon POS is reliable and easy to use, from a POS terminal, tablet or iPad. It includes functions for the specifics of running a café, bar, restaurant or franchise business, from a single site to a nationwide multi-site operation, and is customisable to your exact requirements....

POS Reporting Dashboard

Managing a hospitality venue means managing a range of varied operations - Suppliers, Inventory, Staff, Customers, Kitchen...
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