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Sue’s Smart Approach – Cash Security

Cash security is one of the more important considerations for modern businesses. The settings in your SmartPOS system can be optimised to provide the tightest possible security for the operation of your cash drawers attached to your POS Terminals.

1. Password protect the No Sale button
In isolation this setting will simply ask for the users password each time the ‘No Sale’ button is used, and the instance will be logged in the exceptions report.
2. Enforce User Privilege on No Sale Button
This setting will check the privileges for the ‘No Sale’ button and only open the drawer after the password is entered (due to the setting above) if the user has been granted ‘Open Cash Drawer’ rights. If the ‘Override user privileges when finalising sales’ option is also used, the drawer will open for the user ONLY when finalising a sale, even if they do not have ‘Open Cash Drawer’ rights but will not open for ‘No Sale’ even if they enter their password.
3. Staff Privilege to Open Cash Drawer
The option for ‘Open Cash Drawer’ is only available when setting the individual privileges for each staff member if the ‘Enforce User Privilege’ on ‘No Sale’ Button detailed above is activated.
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