Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

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Three Bags Full is an industrial-chic café and art gallery, located in a former hat factory in Abbotsford, Melbourne, and specialising in eclectic dishes, gourmet coffee and handmade sodas. It is the brainchild of Nathan Toleman, following his previous successes with Liar Liar and APTE. 

Interestingly, Three Bags Full commenced operations without a POS System. Their thoughts were that a docket system was more personal. However, due to popularity of the café they quickly became swamped with processing dockets and realised they would, after all, need a state of the art POS. 

Nathan had worked at Hellenic Republic, and had seen firsthand the benefits of Redcat. 
“Having used Redcat I was fully aware of its capabilities, so obviously they were the first people we talked to” he explains. Nathan did look at another system as well, to have a point of comparison, but the Redcat system came out easily on top, with fuller functionality and being easier to learn. 
Request a free demo, or ring us on 1300 4 REDCAT, to explore how Redcat Polygon can help your business.
“The Redcat System had an immediate impact on the business,” Nathan confirms. “Firstly, it was quick to implement and easy for everyone to learn which is also important when training new staff. It immediately improved the productivity of the business. Our staff were able to spend much more time on the floor catering to customer needs rather than standing at the counter adding up dockets.
As well as making life easier and more productive for staff, the Redcat system has help improve the key processes that are essential to the smooth running of a successful café; “Redcat has streamlined the whole ordering process, enabled us to get coffees and food back to the customer more quickly and without doubt has improved the customer experience. Certainly it has cut the time taken for customers to pay their bill and allowed us to turnover tables more regularly.”

Choosing Redcat has had a financial saving impact on the business too; “Redcat saves us money through greater accuracy,” explains Nathan. “Under a manual system, inevitably items get missed and while they are small, they quickly add up. The Redcat System has virtually eliminated these oversights. It has also cut down administration time in collating and totalling dockets to input sales figures into our Accounting System.”

All in all, Nathan is delighted with his decision to use Redcat – and he has the productive staff and happy customers to prove it.
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